Sheida Mohammad-Yari


Sheida Mohammad-Yari

Born: 1991

Bachelor of Graphics, Shiraz University

Without any significant background or training, I began making marionettes and dolls in 2014, based on

the ever-present idea of enlivening a lifeless doll. The only previous experience that helped me in this

way was illustrating. All of my products are handmade. I base my work on a combination of

psychological, social and technical skills. In 2017, I started my private studio.

I make marionettes and dolls based on both my imagination and real photos. Aside from making

products, I`ve started to run workshops for those interested in learning from my experiences. I am

looking for young, creative minds that want to enter this field, as well as established companies looking

for a cooperation. Let`s all take a trip into the unique world of marionettes and dolls.

Ways of communication

Phone Number:09386857712

Social Networks

Telegram: Shididoll

Instagram: Shididolls